Marine Pharmacology Links

  • PharmaMar is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops marine-based compounds for the treatment of cancer.  PharmaMar is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and is an operating unit of Zeltia, a publicly traded Spanish holding company.

  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Center for Marine Biomedical and Biotechnology Research , Florida Atlantic University The primary mission for the Center for Marine Biomedical and Biotechnology Research is to discover marine natural products with utility as medicines or as tools to allow us to better understand the molecular basis of disease.

  • Perha Pharmaceuticals ("From Sea to Pharmacy")( is a development-stage pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of small molecule drugs (protein kinase inhibitors) against severe pathologies, namely induced hearing loss, neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer's diseases, Down syndrome), or renal diseases (Polycystic Kidney Disease). Perha Pharmaceuticals was founded by Dr. Laurent Meijer, from its parent biotech company, ManRos Therapeutics (focused on Cystic Fibrosis). Over the past decades, Dr. Laurent Meijer has gathered a deep knowledge/experience on protein phosphorylation and the development of pharmacological inhibitors of human disease-relevant protein kinases.

  • GlycoMar is an innovative biotechnology company that discovers and develops anti-inflammatory drugs based upon the glycobiology of marine organisms.  GlycoMar is located near Oban, Scotland.

  • BromMarin is a spin-off from TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Technical University of Mining and Technology, in Germany with the aim of developing novel methods in marine biotechnology, marine biomaterials science, as well as encouraging research into the marine pharmacology of sponges. We utilize marine sponges of the Verongida order, which are renewable sources of both the pharmacophore Bromotyrosine and chitinous scaffolds. Bromotyrosines are essential ingredients for many synthetic pathways in marine pharmacology and the scaffolds are needed for tissue engineering applications with both human stem cells and chondrocytes. As such, BromMarin simultaneously extracts highly purified bromotyrosine metabolites in addition to the unique tubular chitinous scaffolds, resulting in maximized usage of this renewable marine resource.

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