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The Global Marine Pharmaceuticals Pipeline

The marine pharmaceuticals website has been prepared with the generous help of several researchers from academia, industry, and government who are currently involved in the global marine pharmaceuticals pipeline, which involves both preclinical and clinical research on the pharmacology of marine-derived chemicals.

The content of the website is aimed at researchers in academia, industry, and government with an interest in the preclinical and clinical pharmacology of marine compounds, as well as those individuals among the general public who have an interest in the pharmaceutical potential of the enormous biodiversity of organisms present in the world's oceans. The global marine pharmaceuticals pipeline website will also hopefully contribute to inspire and attract a new generation of students interested in pursuing studies in the clinical and preclinical pharmacology of marine natural products.

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Department of Pharmacology

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A.M.S Mayer, Ph.D.

Phone: (630) 515-6951

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* Photos from Left to Right - source organisms: 1) Pufferfish (Tetraodontidae sp.,, CCO Public Domain); 2&3) Aplidium albicans, (photographs provided by PharmaMar S.A., Madrid, Spain); 4&5) Ecteinascidia turbinata (photographs provided by PharmaMar S.A., Madrid, Spain); 6) Dolabella auricularia (photo from

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